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I am a programmer and I think coding is like magic. You can try any experiment you can think of, create games from scratch, try to get across a complex idea by modelling and visualising it. All this for free, it just takes time. And any time you spend coding gets you better at coding in general, it's all interconnected.

I'm also obsessed with nature, evolution and emergence. Evolution is such a beautiful theory and everything seems to make sense when thought about from this perspective. I believe true artifical life is possible and will hopefully be achieved in my lifetime.

My blog can be a bit technical. I try to write it in an approachable way but if you don't know much about programming or evolution, you're likely to struggle.

I've never been trained in any topic I write about. I learnt it all through thinking, reading, videos and exploring with code. There are likely many mistakes and things I've misunderstood; if you find any, please let me know :)

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