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I've been working on a little program called ndtoy that's been in my head for a while. It's been really fun and difficult! The basic idea is to write a lot of components and algorithms that are n-dimensional (they work regardless of how many dimensions they're acting on). Here's an example with some 1D and 2D sand. The code that controls it is the same so it works for 3D and more, although it becomes a lot harder to render intelligibly at higher dimensions.

There are a lot more things I want to do with this but I need to get back to work on slice & dice for now. Here are a few more things I've made with it.


Zelph_Nico 2021-08-18
Ooh, cool!
NightlyHerb 2021-08-18
Some are trippy, some are beautiful, and yet others are cool. Appreciate your work.
TonyD 2021-08-23
Love the Black and White one But all are Cool
Blair 2021-09-23
Woah, interesting visual effect!
Nikko#5832 2021-10-06
Nice project!
Shawna Stehr 2021-12-18
Fanny Bruen 2021-12-18
Marianne Treutel 2021-12-18
Luisant Zen 2022-02-24
omg I like your work. Hi from Turkiye!
Crazy_Bullier 2022-02-24
hey mate! be careful against bullies
Olavin04br 2022-04-02
Slice & Dice We need an endless mode without curses and difficulty selection (Tier 4 heroes maybe?) 2022-04-15
Huge fan of Slice & Dice very few things I wish were diffrent but really really solid game. Your video made me think of a game I always wanted to see in a phone game. 1991 scorched earth. Just a thought.
Dinobeam 2022-05-28
i don't know what it is but i want it
Kek 2022-06-03
????? ?? ??? ?????
Cyco 2022-10-10
Cyberpunk vibes from these visuals. I can almost hear the hackers voice coming from racc.mp4