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A New Start

This is the start of my new blog. I've made a huge change in my life recently and I'd like to write about my plans, thoughts, progress and show the things I'm working on.


I've worked as a Java serverside programmer for about 3 years now. It's an ok job but I found I had little time or energy to work on personal projects at home. I found my previous job unsatisfying and frustrating and I've quit with enough money to live jobless for 2-3 years and plan to properly finish a couple of projects.


I've lived in and around London for all my life. It's a bustling place; the museums are excellent and you can find anything you want a train and a bus away. I don't think I got much benefit from living there though, I like to stay away from crowds and enjoy my own company.

I've moved to the Peak District, the rent is around 1/4 what I paid before. I'm now living with people which is nice so far. The wildlife is amazing here compared to London, I've seen about 25 species of bird in the week I've been here so far. There are some hills with amazing views. The community spirit is really nice, many people greet you as you walk past. People sell eggs on their wall using a trust system. There's a small village nearby and it makes me jealous of people who grew up here!


Programming is my passion. I love it and I wish I had 10 more lifetimes to explore it properly. I've decided to spend all my savings on taking time to finish a couple of projects that I am most interested in.

Slice & Dice

There's a game I've been working on for years. It's a dice roguelike rpg thing. I'm pretty excited about it. I get a lot of good feedback from people who've played it for hours. It's a long way from finished but I have big plans for it.


I have become totally obsessed with life and evolution. I've got some theories I want to test out. I think I may be able to create some form of artificial life as a testbed for evolutionary theories. I don't know what has been done in this field so far, I want to try by myself for a few months before researching.


I've always worked on and improved other people's servers and websites in my time as a programmer. I'd like to make a website from scratch and see what it ends up with. I'm going to try to add something every Monday and improve the site as I go.


tann 2020-06-25
Fabrício 2020-07-29
Tann (Slice and Dice):"It's a long way from finished but I have big plans for it." Me: yerrrrrrr
Tanner 2021-07-26
Keep going buddy. From one to another. :)
Tom 2022-02-03
Slice and Dice is a lot of fun; I've beat all difficulties so far. Do you plan on expanding it even further still?
Explunky 2022-03-21
Very hyped for the artificial life part!
Kevin 2022-09-05
I love this game but haven't been able to afford the full version
Kevin 2022-09-05 if you have further questions
battlekruiser 2023-01-23
wildlife is nice
abecho 2023-01-25
slice and dice? awesome, that's it
cryy22 2023-01-31
you're cool + slice & dice is an inspiration. that's all!
Arne 2023-02-07
fucking awesome! Hope your doing well mate
Candyman 2023-04-13
Slice & Dice is the best game i have played in years, keep up the good work!
BurdTird 2023-09-10
Slice & Dice is amazing. Any plans for more updates? Even some stupid cosmetics so I can give you more money? One of my favorite games of all time. Only achievement I am missing now is equipping the gamblers ace on the gambler lol 2023-10-22
Being a citizen in a first-world country is a huge privilege, great to see someone not into political stuff and just enjoy life though.
Patriarch 2023-11-28
Read a couple books on evolution and understood it very well. I myself plan to make a career in artificial lifeforms. If you have any general questions then hmu on the discord.
k 2024-03-31
inspirational. your amazing game led me to this blog. I can relate to 2020 you, wish you the best :)
CCC 2024-04-01
Slice & Dice is amazing. I bought it several days ago. That is the kind of game I wish I could make. I am also interested in Artificial Life. Looking forward on your works.
Rehmaja 2024-04-11
Your excitement about the game really showed, been having a ton of fun. Thanks for making it and hope you've seen lots of birds <3
blackice 2024-04-12
Amazing game! I'm glad you left your job for a true passion. That shows true courage.
ONE 2024-05-05
when 4.0?
Jack Benson 2024-06-12
Fellow programmer here and your comment about wishing you had 10 lifetimes to explore is inspiring. Also, you gained some massive “coder cred” when I saw you had optimization options available in the settings. Not to mention how fucking polished slice and dice is. I’ve never seen a game that has taken so much thought and care into the details. Truly you are a passionate programmer and that shines through in your game. /salute