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3.0 hooray!

3.0 trailer

It's finally out, including Steam/iOS too, phew. I was expecting some big issues with the release but it went really well. Super cool seeing people stream the game or share fun moments.

I released a small hotfix last week, thanks to players for reporting these issues, I fixed the easy ones! My current plan is to take a break, and release 3.1 with balance changes and more features. I am not very good at planning though, we'll see.

I've enjoyed the creativity and humour from the textmod community in the first couple of weeks. Textmod worked exactly how I hoped it would, I'll be thinking of ways to expand it for 3.1.


Yue 2024-04-06
Can we have the option to smooth out the pixel font please? Aesthetically its a great looking game, its just hard to read at times if your vision is poor. It would greatly enhance my experience with the game. Thank you
Cipi 2024-04-15
The latest version does not work on iPad mini 2 (ios 12.5.7.). The game crashes right after the "loading" screen. Help! :) Great game!!!
Jesse 2024-04-23
I'm sorry but you just have to know - this game is INCREDIBLE. I've played loads of indie roguelikes over the last dozen years, and this little gem is a standout. I came back for version 3.0, and I'm just blown away. The interface design is excellent! The art looks great! The balance is fantastic - the RNG feels fair! The ridiculous number of items and heroes and spells is just so fun to discover! I came to this website expecting some sleek publishing company but it's just this fully unique homebrewed-looking message board! I'll remember slice & dice forever. You've done a hell of a job and I'll buy anything you ever make, Tann.
Millán 2024-04-23
Dear Tann, I just wanted to say that Slice & Dice is the game I have played the most in 30+ years of video gaming. I don't know exactly what it is, but I feel it simply fits with my mindset. The counter says I have rolled more than 290.000 dice. Take it as a compliment. Best regards and I wish you all the best.
Milly 2024-04-27
Best poop companion I could’ve asked for. Forreal though, excellent game. Thanks Tann, you’re a legend for this.
kuronok2 2024-05-05
The games a blast. Thank you very much. I hope you'll keep updating...some curses are much stronger than their level implies. Releasing paid DLCs would be fine too.
Mind-in-gutter 2024-05-06
The one-mana cantrip icon looks…. Ahem. Feminine. Can you change the image a bit? I can’t un-see it. P.s. 50+ hours in, I love the game.
Frog 2024-05-07
This is an absolutely phenomenal game; I've been playing for over a year now and it's still captivating me. I just have one complaint -- 3.0 adding portrait mode has been rather annoying as I prefer landscape and have to disable my phone's orientation lock to play, so I would really appreciate some sort of in-game toggle for the orientation in the options
Yin 2024-05-09
The game is so fun! I haven't played a game for so long and enjoyed it so much in a long time. Is it possible to have an option for clearer font? My vision is 20/20 but it's still challenging when reading the pixel text, especially when there are multiple lines. It would be a great improvement for the user experience. Thanks!
Loom 2024-05-25
Hey I love you
Zap 2024-06-06
Just came over to say I’m loving the game. Bought it on iOS and have been playing it all day! Stellar game.
LectroBot 2024-06-08
Thank you.
???????? 2024-06-09
3 years of this, better than ever now, thank you!!
Netty 2024-06-16
Love the game! Do you think it could be possible to allow the option of a full RNG party for cursed modes? Those are my favorites modes but they grow stale quickly with only 3 party options. Those RNG based ones could just not be shown on the leaderboard
Aleksandr 2024-06-19
Je 2024-07-01
This game is so good, i just wish it had some colorblind accesibility!
Marko1 2024-07-04
Very fun game! The gameplay is engaging and kept me hooked for hours. Couse of that, I wanted to purchase the PC version of the game but I noticed something strange about the pricing on Steam. Is the price of the game intentionally higher in PLN compared to USD or GBP? Considering the lower average income in Poland compared to the US or UK, and seeing that other countries with similar income levels as Poland have cheaper prices, this discrepancy seems like it could be an error on Steam's part. Could you clarify if this is the case? It would be great if this could be addressed.
Jos 2024-07-05
Hey Tann, I've owned this game on for a while now, I absolutely love playing it on phone in particular. I'd be very interested in getting it on steam too if the achievements would count towards my perfect games and rare achievements. You've probably read this sentiment a lot already, hope you have and had an excellent break!
Paul 2024-07-06
Unfortunately my Steam version won't launch properly. Initial credits screen appears then it just loads a black window. Tried all permutations of uninstalling/restarting to no avail. Hopefully there is a fix for this as I love the game! :)