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3.0 hooray!

3.0 trailer

It's finally out, including Steam/iOS too, phew. I was expecting some big issues with the release but it went really well. Super cool seeing people stream the game or share fun moments.

I released a small hotfix last week, thanks to players for reporting these issues, I fixed the easy ones! My current plan is to take a break, and release 3.1 with balance changes and more features. I am not very good at planning though, we'll see.

I've enjoyed the creativity and humour from the textmod community in the first couple of weeks. Textmod worked exactly how I hoped it would, I'll be thinking of ways to expand it for 3.1.


Yue 2024-04-06
Can we have the option to smooth out the pixel font please? Aesthetically its a great looking game, its just hard to read at times if your vision is poor. It would greatly enhance my experience with the game. Thank you
Cipi 2024-04-15
The latest version does not work on iPad mini 2 (ios 12.5.7.). The game crashes right after the "loading" screen. Help! :) Great game!!!
Jesse 2024-04-23
I'm sorry but you just have to know - this game is INCREDIBLE. I've played loads of indie roguelikes over the last dozen years, and this little gem is a standout. I came back for version 3.0, and I'm just blown away. The interface design is excellent! The art looks great! The balance is fantastic - the RNG feels fair! The ridiculous number of items and heroes and spells is just so fun to discover! I came to this website expecting some sleek publishing company but it's just this fully unique homebrewed-looking message board! I'll remember slice & dice forever. You've done a hell of a job and I'll buy anything you ever make, Tann.
Millán 2024-04-23
Dear Tann, I just wanted to say that Slice & Dice is the game I have played the most in 30+ years of video gaming. I don't know exactly what it is, but I feel it simply fits with my mindset. The counter says I have rolled more than 290.000 dice. Take it as a compliment. Best regards and I wish you all the best.
Milly 2024-04-27
Best poop companion I could’ve asked for. Forreal though, excellent game. Thanks Tann, you’re a legend for this.
kuronok2 2024-05-05
The games a blast. Thank you very much. I hope you'll keep updating...some curses are much stronger than their level implies. Releasing paid DLCs would be fine too.
Mind-in-gutter 2024-05-06
The one-mana cantrip icon looks…. Ahem. Feminine. Can you change the image a bit? I can’t un-see it. P.s. 50+ hours in, I love the game.
Frog 2024-05-07
This is an absolutely phenomenal game; I've been playing for over a year now and it's still captivating me. I just have one complaint -- 3.0 adding portrait mode has been rather annoying as I prefer landscape and have to disable my phone's orientation lock to play, so I would really appreciate some sort of in-game toggle for the orientation in the options
Yin 2024-05-09
The game is so fun! I haven't played a game for so long and enjoyed it so much in a long time. Is it possible to have an option for clearer font? My vision is 20/20 but it's still challenging when reading the pixel text, especially when there are multiple lines. It would be a great improvement for the user experience. Thanks!
Loom 2024-05-25
Hey I love you
Zap 2024-06-06
Just came over to say I’m loving the game. Bought it on iOS and have been playing it all day! Stellar game.
LectroBot 2024-06-08
Thank you.
???????? 2024-06-09
3 years of this, better than ever now, thank you!!
Netty 2024-06-16
Love the game! Do you think it could be possible to allow the option of a full RNG party for cursed modes? Those are my favorites modes but they grow stale quickly with only 3 party options. Those RNG based ones could just not be shown on the leaderboard