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Big Slice & Dice update!

I've been working on my dice game recently and have released an update, in short:

Get it for desktop or android

There's still a lot of work left to do on it and I'll hopefully be finishing it off over the next few months!


bladedude11 2020-10-20
Great stuff man.
francie 2020-10-26
Love it!!
Mike 2020-11-10
I didn't think this game was going to get updated. I absolutely love the new art.
sunil. 2020-11-12
Love the new magic system. Also, anti-venom tech is the real deal!
Xeen 2020-11-15
The best game ever!)) soon write you a letter with more my impressions)
Jae 2021-07-22
Can't stop playing this - came here from Buried Treasure's glowing review of it! Amazing work!
Reming 2022-05-19
A Story mode?
Reed 2022-09-12
Will there be music?
joey 2022-09-18
Hope this comes to steam, even if it costs more than $7 to make up for the 30% steam cut
Girf 2022-10-10
Surprised by the update as I was still messing with the OG version. Already took over an afternoon and actually enjoyed starting over.
Tlchr 2022-10-19
I just moved to iOS and didn’t know this wasn’t available. Biggest thing I miss from android. Please tell me it will get ported. I would buy again
Xil 2022-10-26
Will buy on steam for 10 dollars. please do thing.
Charles Belt 2022-11-15
Great game! Thank you!
OMG 2022-12-09
Love it, utterly hooked
Lovaxx 2022-12-12
Amazing game! Any chance it will coming to IPHONE?
zarvis 2022-12-15
Love your game man, keep it up
Gabe 2022-12-25
Great game just wondering if it will come out on iPhone soon or not?
.. 2022-12-29
Will it ever come to steam?
Xinno 2023-04-05
It probably won't be on iPhone because the game engine is only for android and pc. I may be wrong tho!
Murfinator 2023-08-18
I love this game. I have told everyone who has an android to download it. and they all even bought it!!! and if they have an iPhone, half of them download it on their PC!! AMAZING WORK!!
Adsqe 2024-03-24
Hi, bought the game around end of 2022 on itch, loved it. Now I downloaded from itch the 3.0 version but on android its asking for me to purchase again for full game. Any help would be great. Keep up the great work.
fbqewz 2024-05-30
0zevc0 2024-05-30
1rglel 2024-05-30
tgp3ut 2024-05-30