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Big Slice & Dice update!

I've been working on my dice game recently and have released an update, in short:

Get it for desktop or android

There's still a lot of work left to do on it and I'll hopefully be finishing it off over the next few months!


bladedude11 2020-10-20
Great stuff man.
francie 2020-10-26
Love it!!
Mike 2020-11-10
I didn't think this game was going to get updated. I absolutely love the new art.
sunil. 2020-11-12
Love the new magic system. Also, anti-venom tech is the real deal!
Xeen 2020-11-15
The best game ever!)) soon write you a letter with more my impressions)
Jae 2021-07-22
Can't stop playing this - came here from Buried Treasure's glowing review of it! Amazing work!